New CCK and Views Training Videos Available

The Lullabot Learning Series continues with two new Drupal tutorial videos. These high-definition videos are available today as digital downloads.

The two new videos dovetail together to create a single example project, beginning with content setup in the CCK video and continuing through to content listings and permissions in the Views video.

Learning CCK is a hands-on look at Drupal’s Content Construction Kit. In this tutorial video, we show you everything from CCK basics such as adding and displaying fields to more advanced topics such as CCK’s database storage mechanisms, field-level permissions, and how to theme CCK’s output. Each chapter builds upon the last as you build and configures content types for a university job board. The running time is 1 hr 50min. Read the full description and chapter listing.

Learning Views is a hands-on look at Drupal’s Views module. In this tutorial video, we begin with a general overview of Views’ interface and capabilities. The team then builds a complex example showing more advanced Views features such as arguments, relationships, displays, access control, exporting, and theming a view. We continue to use the university job board from Learning CCK as the sample site. Total running time is 1hr 53min. Read the full description and chapter listing.

While the videos are aimed towards Drupal 6, most of the theory and knowledge is common to Drupal 5 and above. These videos will sell for $75/ea, however through March 13th, we're offering a Drupalcon special of only $50 per video, so download your hi-res digital copy today!

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