Module Monday: Range

Drupal's content modeling toolbox makes it easy to add simple values to any content type -- numbers, text fields, dates, and so on -- but odd gaps pop up occasionally. Numeric ranges, for example, can be frustrating: While you could add separate "minimum" and "maximum" fields to a content type, it's a bit frustrating to split conceptually related set of values into distinct fields. Thankfully, the Range module can fill the gap.

Screenshot of administration screen

Range field gives site builders and administrators a single field type with two values: minimum and maximum. Variants for each basic numeric type are available (Float range, integer range, and so on), and the module provides enough formatting options to capture most of the basic use cases for the field. Views integration is also baked in, making it possible to sort and filter by the range values as well.

Screenshot of resulting change to site

A handful of existing feature requests for the module suggest potential improvements: the Views filter would be even more useful if it could pull up nodes nodes whose ranges included the incoming filter value, for example. While it's possible to simulate that using a pair of filters working together, it's definitely not as convenient. That request aside Range is a clean and simple field module that fills an awkward gap. If your content types need ranges, it's just what you need!

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