Building a 'Frequently Asked Questions' page in Drupal is simple -- once you've picked the approach you want to take. Give content editors a simple 'Page' node, and hope for the best? Drop in a pre-fabricated 'FAQ' module and configure it? Add a 'FAQ Entry' content type and build a view to list them? All have been done, and all can work -- but now there's one more way to tackle the problem... FAQ Field module.
FAQ Field administration screen
Like most FieldAPI based tools, configuring the module is simple. Just add a 'FAQ Field' to the content type of your choice, and remember to specify 'Unlimited Values' for the field. When editing nodes of that content type, content creators will be able to add any number of FAQ entries, each with its own 'Question' and 'Answer' text. The module also ships with a handful of custom formatters to display the FAQ information. The simplest lists each FAQ as a header and paragraph; the 'Accordion' style displays questions, expanding each one to display the answer when it's clicked.
Screenshot of FAQ fields in action
Should you use the FAQ Field module? If your site has a single, simple FAQ page it's probably overkill. If you need to display FAQ-style documents in numerous places (for example, maintaining one for each product in a site's catalog), this module's approach really shines. Check it out, and consider adding it to your site-building toolbox!

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