I'm not very good with managing my tasks through a simple list—despite my best efforts, the list always seems to keep growing. I prefer to use a Kanban Board, a popular method of arranging lists that highlights the current status of each task. It's nice to see that I actually do get things done, after all!

Kanban boards are also fantastic for collaborating on projects with other people. They give an instant overview of the team's current status, and you often see them used in Agile software projects. There are several popular services out there that provide simple boards, including Trello and Huboard for Github tasks. Of course, you could also make one with post-it notes and a whiteboard.

Recently, I discovered that drupal.org had enabled the RestWS module exposes a RESTful API for project issues. Naturally, I thought it would be a jolly good idea to build a Kanban Board on top of it!

drupal.org issues kanban board

The board is built in AngularJS, and can be found here: http://lullabot.github.io/drupalorg-issues. Just type in your project name and any tag, version or assigned user you want to filter by. If you'd like to contribute to the project, do drop by the board's issue queue as well!

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Sally Young

Sally Young
Senior Technical Architect working across the full-stack and specialising in decoupled architectures. Core JavaScript maintainer for Drupal, as well as leading the JavaScript Modernization Initiative.

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