Whew. So day 1 of Drupalcon Szeged was a whirlwind of fun. Szeged is a very cool town. Lots of things going on, easy to get around and the weather is awesome! I'm not a good note-taker at all but here are the highlights for my day:

During Dries' State of Drupal presentation, he announced that webchick is the new maintainer for Drupal 7. Of course, Angie rocks and is taking the year by storm. It has been so cool to see her recognized so much for all the amazing things she has done and continues to do. I'm so proud to be not only her co-worker, but also her friend. Inspiring to say to the least.

Right after that I headed off to give my Gentle introduction to Drupal coding presentation (a PDF of the slides is on that page too). This was the first time I'd done this presentation and I got lots of really good feedback from folks who attended. It was quite a bit of fun and I look forward to expanding on intro coding types of presentations in the future.

We had ourselves a tasty lunch and then headed back for the second keynote by Rasmus Lerdorf. He went through some very cool stuff about optimizing PHP code and ran some analysis of various frameworks (like Cake, Code Igniter, etc.) and Drupal. We didn't come out so well in the performance side compared to a lot, but Rasmus acknowledged that it wasn't an apples to apples comparison. The Q&A period afterwards was awesome.

Next on deck, I went to the Intro to testing session given by Angie, Florian and Charlie Gordon. I now have the basic idea, so I feel prepared to earn lots of chocolate at tomorrow's testing party. That one starts at 9 am so we are also going to be provided with Hungarian pancakes too!

I wrapped up my day o' sessions by doing to the DrupalChix BoF with Angie and about 20 other women. It is great to see the DupalChix gatherings gaining in size and this was definitely only a fraction of the total number of women here. The official tally reported 10% women in attendance, which is a nice increase from the 7% of the previous 2 cons.

After sessions ended I was in a meeting regarding the drupal.org redesign and then had dinner with a bunch of people in Szeged.

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Addison Berry

Addi is the former Director of Education at Lullabot who is currently the CEO of Drupalize.Me (launched by Lullabot and now an Osio Labs company).

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