If you're on our mailing list, you were one of the first to know about Lullabot's new video training site: Drupalize.Me. We're really excited to offer streaming access to our entire Drupal video training library with a monthly subscription membership. The Drupalize.Me archive currently contains 82 videos and over 118 hours of Drupal training content including the highly acclaimed Lullabot Learning Series, and all of the presentation videos from the Do It With Drupal Conference. No need to wait for DVD delivery or giant file downloads. Membership will give you immediate access to the entire archive. Our Lullabot Learning Series videos typically cost $75 to download and $80 on DVD. Drupalize.Me gives you access to the entire library of Lullabot training videos for only $55/month. So if you only watch one video per month, you'll still be saving money. The Drupalize.Me videos cover a vast range of Drupal-related interests including Drupal site building, administration, theming, CCK, Views, jQuery development, Drupal performance tuning and security, community building and management, project management, and our famous Do It With Drupal fantasy site videos where we rebuild famous websites such as Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, and Craig's List in Drupal. And we're working on more videos for Drupalize.Me right now. Whenever I visit Drupal events, people come up to me and say how much they've learned from the Lullabot training videos. We're really excited to be able to now offer these videos at a fraction of the cost through the new site. We hope that Drupalize.Me will be a great resource for anyone who wants to increase their Drupal knowledge and learn to build amazing Drupal websites. For more information, visit https://drupalize.me.

Jeff Robbins

Jeff is a co-founder of Lullabot and the company's former CEO.

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