Marcos Cano

Senior Developer living in Barcelona, Spain
Trombone pipes

Marcos’ Expertise

  • Drupal
  • PHP
  • Backend Development

Marcos first discovered Drupal in early 2011, when trying to build a personal website to share information on classical music events. While he was climbing up Drupal's learning curve, he immediately felt in love with the friendliness and openness of the Drupal community. Since then, he tries to "pay back" this generosity by helping out newcomers to the community and being a regular contributor to support forums, IRC channels, and in several Drupal events such as Drupal Camps and meet-ups.

An enthusiast of remote working, before joining Lullabot Marcos worked as a freelance developer for several Drupal shops and agencies in Europe. Born in Brazil, Marcos currently lives in Barcelona, Spain, with his wife and two young boys. When he is not developing or hanging out on IRC, Marcos likes to play the trombone, spend some leisure time with the kids and occasionally experiment in the kitchen.

Did you know...

Marcos knows more speaking languages than most developers know programming languages.