Zero to 60 in 60 Minutes

Addi Berry, Kent Bye, Angie Byron, Nate Haug, and Jeff Robbins answer 60 beginning Drupal questions in 60 minutes (more or less).

Here's the list (and links mentioned on the podcast):

  1. What is Drupal?
  2. How do you spell/pronounce Drupal?
  3. What does Drupal mean? --
  4. What's with the scary alien executioner head?
  5. What can you build with Drupal?
  6. What are Drupal's limitations?
  7. Why is Drupal better than blogging software?
  8. Who uses Drupal? --,
  9. How secure is Drupal?
  10. Does Drupal scale?
  11. Is Drupal available in other languages? --
  12. Can I build multilingual sites with Drupal?
  13. How often do new releases of Drupal come out?
  14. Where is the roadmap of new features for the next version of Drupal?
  15. Who writes the Drupal software?
  16. What is the difference between Core and Contrib?
  17. Is there a company that develops Drupal core?
  18. Who writes the contrib modules?
  19. Can modules written for one version of Drupal work in a different version of Drupal?
  20. How does community development work?
  21. Where do I complain about the problems I'm having with Drupal?
  22. Where is the best place for me to find help/guidance?
  23. Why are the people in #drupal so mean?
  24. Why does the documentation suck?
  25. How can I fix the documentation?
  26. How do I find a local user group? --
  27. How do I find a list of Drupal-related events going on? --
  28. I love Drupal, can I send money somewhere? --
  29. What's the Drupal Association? --
  30. What is "Drupalcon"? --
  31. What's a node?
  32. What's the difference between nodes and comments?
  33. How do I add/edit content in the sidebars of my site?
  34. What is a theme?
  35. Why do the contrib themes on suck so bad?
  36. Where can I look at themes before I download them? --
  37. Where can I find better themes? --,
  38. How do I add images to Drupal?
  39. Where can I download modules and themes? -- &
  40. Why don't modules have reviews?
  41. Where I find ratings/reviews/comments of modules?
  42. What contrib modules should all newbies be aware of? --
  43. Where can I find new modules? --,
  44. Where's the best place to find out what's happening in the Drupal community? --]
  45. How do I add another page to my Drupal site?
  46. Why is the search box sometimes gone on
  47. How do I get my site to have SEO-friendly URLs?
  48. What is a White Screen of Death and How do I get rid of it? --
  49. how do i replace the favicon.ico drupalicon with my own?
  50. What are some simple things I can do to increase my Drupal site's performance?
  51. What are the requirements needed to run a Drupal site? --
  52. What can I use for a development environment?
  53. Why doesn't core have X feature?
  54. Why aren't CCK and Views part of Core?
  55. How do I get X feature in core?
  56. Is Drupal object-oriented?
  57. Where do I look up API documentation? --
  58. Where can I find the latest commits to the Drupal codebase? -- Core: -- All:
  59. What license is Drupal released under and what does that mean for me? -- and discussion at
  60. Should I get involved in Drupal and how? --
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