Getting Excited for Drupal 8 - The Donkey, Human, Ant, Chameleon CMS

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In this podcast Larry Garfield, Alex Bronstein, Juampy, and Joe Shindelar join Kyle Hofmeyer to discuss why they are excited about Drupal 8. From the changes to the block system, and the subtle but excellent polishes to the UI, during this podcast you can certainly tell that Drupal 8 is coming together, and there are many reasons to get excited about it. HTML5, REST APIs, Views, and Twig — Drupal 8 core truly makes Drupal usable out of the box for the very first time. Getting excited about Drupal 8 may be the theme of this podcast, but learning lots about what Drupal 8 has to offer is something you will take away after giving this a full listen. And if that isn't enough you'll at least discover why Drupal 8 is like a donkey, human, ant, and a chameleon.