Welcome to the first Drupalize.Me podcast! We've renamed the Lullabot podcast to Drupalize.Me and we're re-invigorating it with a new schedule. We will be posting a new podcast every other Friday, starting today! In this episode the Lullabot team gives a recap of the highlights from DrupalCon Munich. Join Addi, Karen, Joe, Sally, Kyle, and Brock as they chat about big announcements and their favorite sessions and moments from DrupalCon.

Podcast notes

New Drupal Ladder videos released

DrupalCon Munich website (with free videos for all sessions) Blip.tv channel with all DrupalCon videos Upcoming DrupalCons:

Find more events near you: Drupical or Groups.drupal.org

Wunderkraut Drupal Ladder Drupal 8 Core Initiatives Spark Drupal

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