Addison Berry, Kent Bye, Jared Ponchot, Joe Shindelar & Michelle Lauer do a one-year retrospective of the video subscription site of Drupal training videos. We cover some of our lessons learned and what has evolved over the past year in terms of the site as well as our internal processes. Topics discussed include:
  • Special considerations for setting up a recurring payment subscription service
  • Moving payment system from PayPal to
  • Difference between having gateway payment profiles vs. having Drupal control it
  • Payment & discount option flexibility with
  • Development environment considerations for e-commerce sites
  • Changing to a more rapid prototyping design process after the initial design of a site has been established
  • The evolution of the project management and release cycle management
  • iOS app & Android app development
  • Developing the Videola distribution while creating the initial site
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