We've been off having fun in Austin, TX at SXSW, talking to the larger tech world about Drupal. To fill the empty hole in your day if we were to skip the podcast, I offer you a dramatic reading of issue number 1326932: Bunny ears are fuzzy: update search test node content to reflect this. Well, it's not terribly dramatic, but it is kind of a fun romp through a real Drupal core issue with a fun twist. Here is the story of fuzzy bunny ears in Drupal core: CHARACTERS
  • jenlampton: the instigator
  • chx: the debater
  • rump: the backporter
  • catch: the Drupal 8 committer
  • webchick: the Drupal 7 committer
  • chorus: others speaking and working in the queue
SETTING The Drupal.org core issue queue, search.module component, Drupal version 8.x-dev. TIME In late October and early November 2011 SCENE I Our story opens with a new issue titled "Update test node content" Posted by jenlampton on October 30, 2011 at 10:48pm PST Everyone knows that the bunny's ears are not furry, they are actually fuzzy. SCENE II The issue has lain dormant for 10 days...
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