Angie Byron on Drupal core and Spark

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Join us in this podcast with Angie Byron (webchick), co-maintainer for Drupal core and general cat-herder for the community. Addi and Angie discuss what exactly she does day to day, the cool Spark project and Drupal 8, in addition to a peek into her non-Drupal life. We also put a couple community questions to Angie:

  • What about D7 would you do differently in hindsight?
    - @kattekrab on Twitter
  • What is your best tip to handle time, having so many open fronts?
    - @juampy72 on Twitter

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Podcast Notes

First Drupal Latino podcast
Drupal Groups Events event site
New Coding for Views and Panels videos
Core mentoring hours
Drupal Ladder
Structured Procrastination
Using Drupal book
Angie's database installation issue:

Spark home page
Drupal initiative page for Spark
Project download

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