Implementing an Out of This World Responsive Design

  • Responsive Design Strategy
  • Technical Architecture
  • Drupal Development
  • Front-end Development

While the Syfy network was busy creating compelling new worlds with shows like 12 Monkeys and Helix, their website was worlds behind. It was not responsive, not beautiful, and, in the words of Matthew Chiavelli, VP of Digital Media and Strategy, "put together with duct tape and baling wire". Syfy needed a scalable, cinematic full-screen experience that would look great on any device and be commensurate to their original content. Enter Lullabot.

Full mockup

Lullabot was instrumental in translating a beautiful set of desktop mocks into a living, breathing, mobile-friendly website with a scalable video player that gives users a full cinematic experience on every device. Video player

Meanwhile, "the time that it took to get something on the website is far less.", said Jesse Murray, head of Digital Content for Syfy. "The new site makes me think of things we can do for our shows in totally new ways, and now that the designs have improved exponetionally the ideas that I and my collegues come up with have also expanded."

I think the new is one of the best television websites out there right now. It serves our content in a way that is unique to us. It makes it feel big and aspirational.
Matt Krueger, Syfy Creative Director