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A Re-Architected Website for the World’s Preeminent Architecture Firm

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EYP Architecture & Engineering is the leading architecture firm focused on environmental sustainability, ranked #1 by Architect Magazine in sustainability for two years in a row. Its expertise covers embassies, hospitals, monuments, landmarks, performing arts centers, and everything in between. The firm even designed and built its own headquarters, with cutting-edge design ideas like recycled data-center heating to create net-zero energy consumption.

Unfortunately, EYP’s web presence hadn’t kept up with its reputation, so they sought out Karen McGrane at Bond Art + Science to help rethink its content strategy and messaging. EYP needed to tell the story of the work they performed, and convey just how compelling their portfolio of projects really was. In order to do so, the firm needed to break the mold of canned photo galleries, reprinted press releases, and simple staff bios.

The Bond Art + Science team undertook a large effort to wrangle this strategy and the ensuing redesign, enlisting the help of noted web luminaries Elise Weeks and Ethan Marcotte. What Bond A+S didn’t have, however, was deep CMS experience in Drupal — specifically the relatively nascent Drupal 8 version. Further, Bond needed a team that could corral the hosting, infrastructure, and development operations between Bond’s internal developer, EYP’s technical team, and Lullabot.

Senior Digital Strategist, Jeff Eaton, was able to fill this rather unique gap for the team, setting the development foundation of the project, advising on the ideal CMS architecture for the site, identifying the best hosting partner for EYP (Pantheon), and even helping develop some necessary functionality Drupal 8 didn’t quite have ready yet.

Ultimately this technical architecture serves as the foundation underneath EYP Architecture’s new web experience. From this foundation, along with Bond Art +Science’s thoughtful design, the EYP Architecture team can tell their stories in new and interesting ways, and because the editorial experience has been completely rethought, more of the team can participate. That’s architecture harmony!

“Jeff Eaton from Lullabot was the MVP on this project. He helped us realize our vision for a flexible, dynamic, easy-to-maintain website. He also helped us deal with some tricky challenges working with the relatively new Drupal 8. Every project I've done with Jeff and Lullabot has been a pleasure, and we couldn't have done this one without him!”
Karen McGrane, CEO and Managing Partner, Bond Art + Science

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  • Jeff Eaton

    Former Senior Digital Strategist

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