Lullabots Coming to DrupalCon Vienna


Several of our Lullabots and the team from our sister company, Drupalize.Me, are about to descend upon the City of Music to present seven kick-ass sessions to the Drupal community in the EU. There will be a cornucopia of topics presented — from softer human-centric topics such as imposter syndrome to more technical topics such as Decoupled Drupal. So, if you're headed to DrupalCon Vienna next week, be sure to eat plenty of Sachertorte, drink lots of Ottakringer, and check out these sessions that will Rock You Like Amadeus:

Contenta - Drupal’s API Distribution

Tuesday, September 26, 10:45-11:45

Sally Young, Cristina Chumillas, and Daniel Wehner

Contenta is a decoupled Drupal distribution that has many examples of various front-ends available as best practices guides. Lullabot Senior Technical Architect Sally Young, Christina Chumillas, and Daniel Wehner will bring you up to speed on the latest Contenta developments, including its current features and roadmap. You will also get a tour of Contenta’s possibilities that come with reference applications that implement the out-of-the-box initiative’s cooking recipe.

Automated Testing 101

Tuesday, September 26th, 10:45 - 11:45

Ezequiel “Zequi” Vázquez

Lullabot Developer, Ezequiel “Zequi” Vázquez, will explore the current state of test automation and present the most useful tools that provide testing capabilities for security, accessibility, performance, scaling, and more. Zequi will also give you advice on the best strategies to implement automated testing for your application, and how to cover relevant aspects of your software.

Get Started with Voice User Interfaces

Tuesday, September 26th, 15:45 - 16:45

Amber Himes Matz

Drupalize.Me Production Manager & Trainer, Amber Himes Matz, will survey the current state of voice and conversational interface APIs with an eye toward global language support. She’ll cover services including Alexa, Google, and Cortana by examining their distinct features and the devices, platforms, interactions, and spoken languages they support. If you’re looking for a better understanding of the voice and conversational interface services landscape, ideas on how to approach the voice UI design process, an understanding of concepts and terminology related to voice interaction, and ways to get started, this is the right session for you - complete with a demo!

Breaking the Myths of the Rockstar Developer

Wednesday, September 27th, 10:45 - 11:45

Juan Olalla Olmo & Salvador Molina

Lullabot Developer, Juan Olalla Olmo, and Salvador Molina will share their experiences and explore the areas and attitudes that can help everyone become better professionals by embracing who they are and ultimately empower others to do the same. This inspiring session aims to help you grow professionally and provide more value at work by focusing on fostering the human relationships and growing as people.

Juan gave this presentation internally at Lullabot’s recent Design and Development Retreat. It was a highlight that sparked a lively conversation.

Virtual Reality on the Web - Overview and "How-to" Demo

Wednesday, September 27th, 13:35 - 14:00

Wes Ruvalcaba

Want to make your own virtual reality experiences? Lullabot Senior Front-end Developer Wes Ruvalcaba will show you how. Starting with an overview of VR (and AR) concepts, technologies, and what its uses are, Wes will also demo and share code examples of VR websites we’ve made at Lullabot. You’ll also get an intro to A-Frame and Wes will explain how you can get started.

Thursday Keynote - Everyone Has Something to Share

Thursday, September 28th, 9:00 - 10:15

Joe Shindelar

We’re especially proud of Drupalize.Me's Joe Shindelar for being selected to give the Community Keynote. If you’ve been around Drupal for a while, it’s likely you’ve either met or learned from Joe. In this session, Joe will reflect on 10 years of both successfully and unsuccessfully engaging with the community. By doing so he hopes to help others learn about what they have to share, and the benefits of doing so. This is important because sharing:

  • Creates diversity, both of thought and culture
  • Builds people up, helps them realize their potential, and enriches our community
  • Fosters connections, and makes you, as an individual, smarter
  • Creates opportunities for yourself and others
  • Feels all warm and fuzzy

Making Content Editors Happy in Drupal 8 with Entity Browser

Thursday, September 28th, 14:15 - 15:15

Marcos Cano

Lullabot Developer Marcos Cano will be presenting on Entity Browser, which is a Drupal 8 contrib module created to upload multiple images/files at once, select and re-use an image/file already present on the server, and more. In this session Marcos will:

  • Explain the basic architecture of the module, and how to take advantage of its plugin-based approach to extend and customize it
  • See how to configure it from scratch to solve different use-cases, including some pitfalls that often occur in that process
  • Check what we can copy or re-use from other contrib modules
  • Explore some possible integrations with other parts of the media ecosystem

See you next week in Wien!

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