Lullabot at DrupalCon Nashville

It's official! Eleven Lullabots will be descending upon Nashville in April to deliver single presentations or provide insights as panelists. Some will even be doing both. If you're heading to Music City, USA for DrupalCon, we hope you will check out the following sessions:

Managing Your Most Important Resource: You

Speaker: Chris Albrecht, Senior Developer at Lullabot

Session Track: Being Human

Synopsis: Learn how to navigate the Drupal community with focus, reduced stress, well-managed time, and improving your mental and physical health. Chris will also share the lessons he's learned along the way as a long-time member of the community.

Continuous Integration Has Never Been So Easy

Speakers: Juampy NR, Senior Developer at Lullabot & Andrew Berry, Senior Technical Architect at Lullabot

Session Track: DevOps

Synopsis: Having participated in the implementation of continuous integration of every Lullabot project over the past few years, Juampy and Andrew will show you tools you can use in your development workflow and explain how to make a business case for continuous integration to your non-technical stakeholders.

Decoupled Drupal Hard Problems

Speakers: Mateu Aguiló Bosch, Senior Developer at Lullabot

Session Track: Horizons

Synopsis: To help you better plan your decoupled projects and improve estimations, Mateu will share the hard problems he has uncovered while working on the API-first initiative and other professional decoupled Drupal projects.

Community Convos: Drupal Diversity & Inclusion

Speakers: Marc Drummond, Senior Front-End Developer at Lullabot; Nikki Stevens, Senior Drupal Engineer at Kanopi Studios; Alanna Burke, Developer at Chromatic; Fatima Sarah Khalid, Developer at Digital Echidna; Tara King, Developer at Universal Music Group

Session Track: Building Community

Synopsis: Get an overview of Drupal Diversity & Inclusion (DD&I), what the group's current and future initiatives are, and discuss how DD&I can continue to make the Drupal community a safe place.

You Matter More Than the Cause

Speaker: Jeff Eaton, Senior Digital Strategist at Lullabot

Session Track: Building Community

Synopsis: Doing work that really matters is a great thing, but the amount of energy you put into it can quickly lead to burnout. Eaton will talk about how inspiring missions can quickly backfire, how to spot the red flags and ways to protect you and your team.

Core Accessibility: Building Inclusivity into the Drupal Project

Speakers: Helena McCabe, Senior Front-End Developer at Lullabot; Carie Fisher, Accessibility Lead & Front-End Developer at Hook 42; Mike Gifford, President at OpenConcept Consulting Inc.

Session Track: Core Conversations

Synopsis: Helena and her fellow panelists will discuss where accessibility is today in the Drupal 8 project and the out-of-the-box Umami theme project, and how to continue incorporating accessibility into future versions of Drupal.

API-First Initiative

Speakers: Mateu Aguiló Bosch, Senior Developer at Lullabot; Wim Leers, Principal Software Engineer, OCTO at Acquia

Session Track: Core Conversations

Synopsis: This is a follow up to the DrupalCon Baltimore session during which attendees suggested having an API-First distribution. Find out where the API-First Initiative is one year later. 

Creating a PM Career Path Within the Drupal Community

Speakers: Darren Petersen, Senior Technical Project Manager at Lullabot; Lynn Winter, Digital Strategist at; Alex MacMillan, COO at ThinkShout; Joe Crespo, Director of Accounts at Aten Design Group; Stephanie El-Hajj, Project Manager at Amazee Labs

Session Track: Project Management

Synopsis: If you're a digital project manager or considering becoming one in the Drupal community, this group of panelists will share how they created their own unique career paths and the challenges they've encountered along the way. 

JavaScript Modernisation Initiative

Speakers: Sally Young, Senior Technical Architect at Lullabot; Matthew Grill Senior JavaScript Engineer at Acquia; Angie Byron, Senior Director Product + Community Dev at Acquia 

Session Track: Core Conversations

Synopsis: Get the latest updates on the JavaScript initiative and engage in discussion on plans for modernization efforts, a JavaScript-based automated test suite, and how Drupal can better support modern, JavaScript-rich user-interfaces.

Decoupled Summit

Lullabot, Sally Young, and Matt Davis from Mediacurrent co-organized this first-ever DrupalCon summit that will bring together the best decoupled Drupal minds for a day of presentations and panels on this increasingly popular approach. Speakers will share their experiences, discuss areas of improvement, and talk about how to lower the barrier that currently exists when it comes to decoupling.

Lullabot Speakers & Panelists: Sally Young, Senior Technical Architect; Karen Stevenson, Director of Technology; Jeff Eaton, Senior Digital Strategist; Mateu Aguiló Bosch, Senior Developer; Wes Ruvalcaba, Senior Front-End Developer

And don't miss this training and session from our friends at Drupalize.Me:

A New Help System for Drupal

Speaker: Amber Himes Matz, Production Manager and Trainer at Drupalize.Me

Session Track: Core Conversations

Synopsis: Surveys show that documentation is a top concern in Drupal. Amber will present the current state of the in-Drupal help system, share a proposed resolution for improvement, answer FAQs, and talk about what's next.

Training: Theming Drupal 8

Trainers: Joe Shindelar, Lead Developer and Lead Trainer at Drupalize.Me; Amber Himes Matz, Production Manager and Trainer at Drupalize.Me

Synopsis: Based on the Drupalize.Me Drupal 8 Theming Guide, Joe will give you a better understanding of how Drupal's theme system works through presentations and hands-on exercises.

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