Lullabot Announces Seth Brown as the Company’s CEO

Lullabot is excited to announce that Seth Brown is the company’s new CEO. Seth joined Lullabot in 2010 as the first project manager on the team and has served as Lullabot’s COO for the past 4 years. In his new role, Seth will oversee the day-to-day leadership of Lullabot. Although Lullabot’s co-founder, Matt Westgate, has stepped down from his CEO duties, he’s not going far. Matt has assumed the role of CEO at Tugboat, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the parent company, Lullabot, Inc. He will also serve as Lullabot’s chairperson.

“Seth brings the right mix of anxiety, enthusiasm, and sincere admiration for our clients and our team,” said Matt. “He believes, as I do, that leadership is in service to others, and that the role of the CEO is to empower and create a safe workplace, to remove barriers, and to own failures.”

During his time at Lullabot, Seth has been an integral member of the leadership team and has played a pivotal role in leading the company to its present-day success, something he’ll continue to do as CEO. Before joining Lullabot, Seth was a leader and partner at Blue Tent Marketing, a digital agency in Colorado. While there, he built and led a project team that produced more than 60 websites. 

“We’re all so thankful for Matt’s leadership, and as chairperson of Lullabot, we’ll continue to reap the benefits of his passion for and dedication to achieving broader goals for both Lullabot and Tugboat,” said Seth. “I’m excited to take on this new challenge as CEO. We have a very talented team, and I look forward to what I know we can accomplish as we drive Lullabot forward.”

The plan for Seth to become CEO was already set for a future date, but due to the growth of Tugboat and the preparedness of the Lullabot team, it was time to move forward with the transition. To learn more about the vision for Lullabot and the back story of how we got to this point, read Matt Westgate’s statement.


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