The AMP Module for Drupal 8

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The mobile web can be an experience that leaves a lot to be desired for the end user. In January 2016, Google and Lullabot started working together on a Drupal 8 module to support Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP Project, an open-source initiative to help make the mobile web faster and more user-friendly. For publishers, AMP helps create content that is optimized for mobile, but also loads instantly, virtually anywhere.

One of the most touted features of Drupal software is its flexibility, so making Drupal produce AMP HTML required a lot of careful consideration with regard to its design approach. In a recent article, Matthew Tift, a senior developer here at Lullabot, discusses why this open-source project is so important to the future of the web, and what to expect from the Drupal 8 AMP module we created. 

The team who worked on the AMP Project for Drupal 8 (a Drupal 7 module is forthcoming) also submitted a proposal to speak about the project at DrupalCon 2016.

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