Health Insurance

At Lullabot, we offer employees comprehensive health, vision, and dental insurance, covering 75% of the cost. We also cover 75% for families and spouses. In addition, we offer multiple options like PPO, HSA, and FSA insurance so that you can make your own choices about the type of healthcare you use.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

Use these days however you like. We don’t differentiate between sick days and vacation days. If you want a day off, request a day off. We think that’s your business. We call this PTO.

During your first 2 years of service, employees are eligible for 15 PTO days. After 2 years of service, employees are eligible for 20 PTO days, after 7 years, employees get 25 PTO days, and after 10 years at Lullabot, employees also get a 4 week paid Sabbatical.

Employee Ownership

Our success is defined by the contributions of our team. As a 100% employee-owned company, employees receive the benefit of ownership and a personal connection to the health and well-being of Lullabot. It also means you'll get to share in the long-term success of the company. Lullabot is an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) company, which means the shares are held in a retirement account to avoid the tax implications that typically come with ownership.

Retirement Plans

We want to help our employees prepare for retirement, so our plans include an employer match of up to 4% of salaries, vested immediately. If you choose to invest 6% of your salary, combined with our 4% match, you’ll be saving 10% of your income towards retirement.

Life Insurance

Lullabot purchases and pays for a $50,000 life insurance policy for each of our full-time employees, and gives you the option to purchase more coverage at a discounted rate.

Short/Long Term Disability Coverage & Worker’s Compensation

Lullabot also covers each full-time employee with both disability and worker’s compensation policies. This helps ensure that if you ever miss work for an injury/illness, you will receive some type of compensation.

Other Benefits

Tech Stipend

Lullabot gives employees a generous stipend to spend on expenses like computers, phones, software, or to pay your phone/internet bill. We like our people to stay up to date with technology. Items purchased are yours to keep.

Event & Education Budget

Each employee has $2,750 per calendar year to spend on Professional Development. This includes conferences, education, books, etc.

Donation match

When you donate money to a qualified charity (501C3), Lullabot will make a matching gift of up to $200 per year.

Parental Leave

Parental leave is available for both the birth of your own child and the placement of a child due to adoption or fostering with the intent to adopt (concurrent planning). Full-time employees who have been with the company for six months or more are eligible for six weeks time off, fully paid and an additional six weeks time off, unpaid.

TripIt Pro

Each employee who would like a TripIt Pro account is gifted one and renewed every year. As a jetsetter, this is an invaluable tool.

Ergonomic Evaluations

Upon request, Lullabot will provide a professional ergonomic evaluation of your home workspace, to ensure you're working in a way that promotes your long-term health.

Fitness Club

You will receive a stipend to purchase your own fitness tracker if you want it and participate in our “Fitness Club” complete with challenges and encouragement.


  • 40-hour workweeks
  • No commute: work from wherever you please
  • Work with awesome people to do awesome things
  • We play games and celebrate birthdays and hiring anniversaries

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