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Who is Jeffrey Zeldman?

The reigning king of web standards, Jeffrey Zeldman, speaks with Lullabot's Jared Ponchot and Jeff Robbins about the evolution and future directions of web technology. Jeffrey will be keynoting at this year's Do It With Drupal conference in October.



What a great podcast! Thanks

Thanks everyone for taking the time to sit down and talk about the evolution of web standards, and where and how it applies to Drupal. I end up thinking a Lot about these issues, and it's nice to hear Lullabot, A List Apart and Mr. Zeldman is up to. I'm delighted to find him very practical, grounded and refreshing. The A Book Apart books are Fantastic! I've read them all, and they're great. Thanks!


Jim Jordan

Great interview

Thanks for this interview and the discussion of Muse at the end. Zeldman's comments are spot on.

Muse is marketed as "a new tool for graphic designers who want to create unique HTML websites without writing code" but product manager Dani Beaumont demonstrates the need to jump in and out of HTML (using external tools unavailable within Muse) in this demonstration video. She's even using Firebug! Oy. This seems very, very bizarre for the product manager of a tool that requires no HTML skills.


Joe C

One of my favorites in a while

I've been following Mr Zeldman's work for a long time. I definitely Asked Dr Web back in the day, and have been introduced to all kinds of stuff since then. It was a pleasure to hear you all in conversation. Great stuff as usual, taken up a notch by an excellent guest.

I'm going back to read about too, since I apparently missed it the first time around.


Chris Parisi

Show notes?

Great interview - Many thanks for creating these Drupal podcasts and making them available to us all! As someone who follows (and is self-educating about) Drupal and doesn't have the time and funds to participate in more formal training and education, podcasts such as yours are invaluable.

One request/suggestion: It would be very helpful to us listeners if some brief show notes could be made available for each podcast that lists websites, dev tools, etc. that were mentioned as part of the interview. It's also a good way for you to draw listeners back to your site (assuming you are interested in doing that) after they are done listening.
Chris Parisi