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Dries Buytaert, Acquia, and Mollom

Drupal project lead, Dries Buytaert, joins Jeff Robbins to talk about Acquia, Mollom, and Drupal 7 and the future of Drupal.



Based on the Mollom

Based on the Mollom discussion, it would be great if it could be applied to aggregated feeds and twitter streams (per item). Suspicious items could be flagged/unpublished/placed in a moderation queue.



Great Podcast!!

Interesting Podcast, good to hear it from the creator! Great to hear about what we can look forward to in Drupal 7.


Matt Noyes

Helping Coca-Cola weed out its critics?

Interesting podcast, but yikes -- is that where the roadmap for Mollom leads? How do you deal with the fact that one person's (or corporation's) "bad" users may be another person's good critics?

I can see why Coca-Cola would like to be able to block critical comments, and poison the reputations of its critics, but do we like this?




I agree and as an activist who is apt to flame bad actors such as Monsanto Corporation, I could wind up blacklisted by Mollom because a Monsanto their ilk don't like me. Of course I would hate to see Monsanto actually using Drupal, helping it rape the planet with our fav CMS. Personally I have Mollom activated for my own Drupal site which is under development and it is the only reason I am willing (again) to allow commenting by the public. My phpBB site was spammed to death last year.


Lucas Pereira

CAPTCHA : Completely

CAPTCHA : Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart

Just Imagine if the have included "test to tell"... would sound like CAPTTTTCHA :-p


Phil Ingle


After spending a few months working out whether or not to concentrate on Drupal, Wordpress or Joomla I eventually was persuaded to go the way of Drupal. This was about a year ago.
Drupal is hard to get to grips with and there are contributed modules that really should be in the core. This is kind of verified by the whole Acquia thing, and the result of this is going to be a dilution of Drupal.
Everyone associated with Drupal must have been feeling the same frustration as Dries mentions in this podcast about certain modules not being available for D6 months after it has come out. Surely rather than creating a semi commercial distribution called Acquia that just confuses new users and seems to the layman like me as a new branch (a bit like the mambo - joomla split).
It sounds like Dries is doing this because he has finished Uni and needs a revenue stream, but surely he can get a revenue stream from core drupal. Look at Matt Mullenweg, he is doing OK out of Wordpress.
I really think that concentrating on Drupal and making Drupal better, more seamless and more user friendly is the right way to go and the Acquia is going to do the opposite and just dilute it.
As an end user and someone at the lower end of the techie scale I feel that with Drupal we have been forgotten about and only the middle to top end are catered for. With Wordpress I feel that they have really addressed the non-coder end user situation much better, but they have manged to do it with Wordpress iteself without creating a new name and product to confuse the issue.
sorry if this sounds like a rant


Ian Eldred

Acquia will help Drupal!

Dries is still making Drupal better. See his drupal code tracking page for evidence of that. Acquia is not a fork of drupal, it uses drupal. Acquia just bundles a few extra modules with it and the company provide commercial support for it. It is much less like mambo/joomla and much more like redhat/linux.



Podcast text transcription

I really like all Lullabot podcasts, but as they are english only and no text transcription(as far as I know), is sad that non-english community cant listen to it, or at least read. So I'm organizing a transcription campaign, we will appreciate if some Lullabots help there.



Chris Charlton

A much needed episode, thanks!

I really like hearing how to pronounce the names of both the companies Acquia and Mollom (which I had been pronouncing like "Muhlam").

The Acquia phone support levels sound great for many companies to adopt Drupal. The phone support knowing our site modules that are on before we call is really, really cool. I was proud of Acquia using d.o's issue tracker for the Carbon project. And knowing they use the high-level testing for Carbon, then I feel Drupal core as a whole and the Carbon project are stable and powerful. The 500 new living sites per day is neat to know. :)

I think Mollom will be the Skynet, which brings Terminators down from the future to come tell us that we are spam or ham. :P I use their free service and it has been good on small sites. The reputation portion was good too.

And with Drupal 7 - "Build baby, build!"


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Drupal tracking page is done better.Interesting podcast sharing.One of the collaboration of reputation portion was really good on Drupal learnings.Using their free services has been good on small sites and this has been keep on improving the Drupal's standards.It is really cool on the sites,thanks you.