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Angie Byron, Addi Berry, Jeff Eaton, and Jeff Robbins discuss Drupal news and the Google Highly Open Participitation Contest.



Productivity/lifestyle advisors

You should have a section on getting things done in the Lullabook! I have no idea how you people work on sites, give lectures, write modules (by the bagillions), do a podcast, breath, go to the bathroom, and sleep all in the same lifetime. Thanks for everything. - John


Shai Gluskin

A Real Pleasure to Listen to Angie and Adi "kvelling"

There is a yiddish word "kvell" which is what a parent or a grandparent feels (but its more than a feeling -- almost a physical action) when they see their child or grandchild achieve something of substance or do something for which they are proud. (My wife and I just celebrated our daughter becoming a bat mitzvah this past Saturday and we did LOTS of kvelling.)

So it was with great enthusiasm that I listened to Angie and Adi "kvell" over the accomplishments of all the teens in the GHOP project. Their excitement about the skill, commitment, engagement of these teens was palpable.

This gave me great hope about the future. How old are Adi and Angie, pushing 30? And here they are, mentoring folks younger than themselves and seriously feeling joy at the way "these kids were coding circles around us." I'm kvelling.

Other highlights of the podcast were Jeff R's calling GHOP the "Google House of Pancakes" and "What Image Cache has over the Transformer module is that it exists!" Touche. Also can't wait to check out the theming widget that Jeff R has written for Mosh's Devel module for D6.

We also learn that when Jeff E procrastinates writing his Lullabook chapters, he writes modules! Everyone agreed that Drupal (and therefore the world) will benefit significantly from Jeff E. being assinged to write more book chapters.

My questions are... seems the podcast was recorded a couple weeks before being released... why the delay? Are you guys strategizing release of your podcasts like Hollywood does its movies?

And... what happened to the guest contributions for "This is the Lullabot podcast" -- those were awesome.

An excellent and fun Podcast. Thanks much.

I'm so psyched cause I get to meet these guys/gals next week when I attend the Drupal development training in Portland. Wahoo!



Thanks Shai!

Yes, kvelling is a great word and captures the bubbling joy I feel about GHOP. I'm glad that came across! It has been a great experience and I feel the same hope about the future.

The delay on release for this podcast is very obvious but isn't part of a master plan. It was simply due to holiday travel. We got it recorded but then Jeff Robbins didn't have time to get it into podcast shape until the holidays were over. Thanks for reminding us about the guest intros. We'll need to dig those back up.

BTW, I am actually a bit over 30. ;-) I'm really looking forward to meeting you too next week. Portland is gonna rock!



RSS feed for modules ?

At one point someone mentioned keeping an eye on the Drupal new modules RSS feed on their phone. Now while I'm not dedicated enough to put it on my CrackBerry, I would like to add such a feed to my RSS reader(NetNewsWire), but I can't seem to find the feed. Could you let me in on the URL/address?




Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the URL.

BTW, Happy New Years Lullabot-ers

Another Interesting PodCast

Loved the sound of that theming extension for DEVEL module on Drupal 6.



The Link to that Slogan generator ...

Hi there Guys,

Thanks for being such an inspiration to the drupal community at large! Keep up the good work!
I must admit that as a cms newbie, listening to your podcasts has turned me into a demented, drooling, dupal, drug-addict! I think I have developed "Lullabot Podacst withdrawl-addiction-dependencies!"

I know sad! but it is a testament to the quality <='scratch that' The Passion you guys have.

Thanks for everything!

BTW here is the link to the slogan generator you spoke of: