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Zack Rosen

Interview with Zack Rosen of CivicSpace.

Hear it here (MP3 - 53 Minutes - 12.6MB)

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Michael Smith

Drupal Podcast No. 11

First I love the podcast. As a recent Drupal convert I hunger for good Drupal info. That being said, stay away from interviews!! This guy does not interview well and it just dragged. There is soooooooo much stuff in Drupal to do a good podcast on there is no reason to waste good bits on interviews. If you MUST do interviews, then get core developers in (the ones that can form coherent thoughts) to talk about the development and here’s the kicker... have them review a particular aspect of Drupal. Not just a "whatca workin' on" but "how do you use that" and "what does that mean to module developers".
One thing that I've noticed is that people that have been in Drupal for a long time forget how un-intuitive some of these things really are. So go back and take a concept that, to you, might be second nature and explain it so that new converts from Xoops, Bitweaver, mambo etc. can get a leg up and stick with Drupal.
Here's another (possibly good) idea, take a series of website types (Mom and Pop cafe, Blog, e-Commerce and simple community) and to a brief setup for them. This would be "things to consider", "data structure", and "how this results in a taxonomy structure". To use a term I heard on TWiT the other day, how to "Drupalize" your site.



Zack doesn't interview well? Are you serious?

I couldn't disagree more. I was utterly fascinated by his story both for historical and technical perspectives. Not only was he deep in the mix in one of the more important political movements of our time, but he's at the forefront of a important and growing web movement. I actually had to stop the podcast, not because I was bored, but because I'm at work and can't pay attention like I should, so I'm going to wait till later so I can listen to again.

I'm really grooving on these podcasts as I'm trying to learn and understand Drupal myself, and back stories like Zack's give a fascinating perspective.



Where did and go???

Hey... First I want to say that the interview with Zack was great... who cares if he's not an interview-pro :) the content was what I was impressed with.

I was able to take a look at some of his blog where he did the screencasts recently... but yesterday noticed that wasn't coming up... or, it *did* come up, but with an error message that said it was out of resources or something... So, I went over to and tried to see if there was any info there about Zach's blog... and now that site isn't coming up either.
Is this just something messed up with the web on the East coast? Or, are they completely down right now?

Just hoping I can still get a link to that Magic Groups screen cast he did... Anyone know the link for that one?

Also... I hope those guys are ok... and not going away for good.

Thanks for the site/show/everything... i'm a huge fan! and recent "convert"

take care.