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Debra Moriarty on the White House moving to Drupal

Debra Moriarty is the Program Manager for Managed Web Services for the Executive Office of the President of the United States. She works with General Dynamics Information Technology, which was the prime contractor for helping move to Drupal last October.

Debra talks about the process of moving to Drupal, her plans for evangelizing Drupal to different agencies within the United States Government, and some of the future plans for facilitating more citizen participation on the White House website. She also mentions that the White House has started publishing Visitor Records, which is facilitated by the Table Wizard and Schema modules.

Debra also mentions how the White House was able to contribute back four Drupal modules to the Drupal community with more details at

Back in November of last year, David Cole was the Deputy Director for Technology within the White House New Media team. Cole attended a Drupal Meetup in Washington DC where he announced plans for contributing code back to the Drupal community. Cole has since moved on to be the Senior Advisor to the CIO of the Executive Office of the President, and he gave the official announcement of contributing code back to the community during his DrupalCon San Francisco keynote presentation on Wednesday.

The four custom Drupal modules contributed back to the community are:

Three of the modules were submitted by the CTO of Phase 2 technology Frank Febbraro, and the GovDelivery module was submitted by Chuck D'Antonio of Acquia. Each of these Drupal module contain the credits of "The development of this module was done as part of the project and was sponsored by The Executive Office of the President."

You can watch David Cole's full presentation and panel discussion with Andrew Hoppin, the CIO of the New York State Senate down below:

Some of the Drupal modules that Cole specifically highlighted during his keynote presentation are:

Cole also posted a slide mentioned listing a number of other Drupal modules in use on including: