Posted on October 13, 2009 // Short URL

Emma Jane Hogbin on Theming and Bazaar version control

Emma Jane Hogbin is a co-author of Front End Drupal, which covers Drupal's theming system. She talks about that process, and how Lullabot's Using Drupal affected the evolution of Front End Drupal. She also talks about the process of learning Drupal's theming system and some of the exciting changes that have happened since she started with Drupal in 2002/2003. (Also see Addi's popular article "My Aha! Moments in Drupal theming"

Emma Jane is also a user of the Bazaar version control system and talks about the importance of the community of support when deciding upon which version control system to go with.

Emma Jane will also be presenting at the Do It with Drupal conference in New Orleans this December.

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