Receive Desktop Notifications in Chrome for Tests

I discovered what an enthusiastic test refresher I am while at DrupalCon Austin. Here's what I did to make testing a much easier process for the compulsive refreshers out there.

During the extended weekend sprints at DrupalCon Austin, I discovered what an enthusiastic test refresher I am. When you submit a patch to the Drupal core issue queue, and even some contributed modules, a handy testbot will come along and ensure that your proposed code changes don't break any existing tests. Like most people, I found myself with lots of tabs open, compulsively refreshing each one to see if my test had completed or not. Getting JSON data out of things seems to have been the theme for the week for me, so with the help of Jeremy Thorson, we were able to add JSON feeds to

After getting the data in place, I wrote a small Chrome plugin that allows a developer to subscribe to tests on, poll the test feed in the background, and display a linked popup notification when it has completed.

Example of test subscription button on

Example of test subscription notification

The source code for the Chrome plugin is available on GitHub, feel free to come and contribute!

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