Installing Drupal with a Translation

One of Drupal 6's nice new features allows you to install Drupal using a language other than English. This video will show you how to get a translation, extract it and run the installer with the new language. We will cover the extraction process using three methods (GUI unzip utility, command line and CPanel) because it is important to make sure it extracts properly for the installer to see it.

The video assumes you are already familiar with the basic installation process and only covers the translation part.

Important Note for the geekier people out there - DO NOT USE CVS. A CVS checkout of a translation will not work because the correct structure for the files is created during the tarball packaging process. I learned this the hard way. :-)

- There are other videos that show more of the multi-language features of Drupal 6. The packaging of installation translations has changed a bit since the end of January 2008 so I wanted to cover the new process for just this part.

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