Install a Local Web Server on Mac OSX

NOTE: This video is no longer available as it contains outdated content. There is a newer version of this video, Installing MAMP web server available on Drupalize.Me

Need a place to test your website before you show it to the whole world? Don't always have an internet connection but you'd love to spend that time tinkering with your site? A great way to work and test things out is to install a web server right on your own computer. This way you work offline and if you mess things up you can just start over again without taking your site down or futzing with FTP and/or SSH.

This video will show you how to easily install a web server on your Mac using MAMP. MAMP is a bundle of all the tools you will need in one package: Apache, MySQL and PHP. We'll walk you through downloading and installing it and then we'll go through some basic set up to get you up and running.

MAMP is a Mac-only application but the plan is to create videos with similar packages for other operating systems.

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