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New Book Helps Demystify Best Practices

DrupalCon: Carwin Young, co-author of Front-End Fundamentals, will be giving a session at DrupalCon LA 2015 on The Why and How of Front End Architecture. Come by and say hi!

I started building websites, like many of us, as a back-end developer. I spent many delightful years developing with PHP and Drupal. However, the projects that I started working on in 2011 allowed me to begin playing with various front-end technologies. In early 2012, I successfully launched BracketCloud which was built with Backbone.js, Drupal and Node.js. Moving forward and eventually into 2013, my exposure to the front-end continued to grow. I worked on several projects that involved a lot of front-end development such as our very own Drupalize.Me and more recently the MSNBC site.

When I look back to the beginning of my journey to becoming a front-end developer, I wish that someone had been there to hand me a list of all the popular tools that I should probably experiment with or at least be aware of. Instead, I stumbled blindly through an overgrown forest of JavaScript plugins and frameworks, trying to figure out for myself how a front-end developer was supposed to code. That being said, I love teaching myself new things and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

One of my 2013 new year resolutions was to write a book on front-end development that would help people with the learning curve. There was a lot to consider as I began to draft out the book structure and I went through many iterations of the topics I wanted to cover. At our annual Design & Developer retreat here at Lullabot I talked with Carwin Young, our Senior Front-End Developer, about my progress and as he shared his thoughts it became obvious that his experience and knowledge would be invaluable to the book. We decided to co-author the book together and expand its scope. One year after conception, we are extremely pleased to announce the release of Front-End Fundamentals!

Front-End Fundamentals introduces the tools and fundamentals of front-end development practices and workflows. In the book we cover topics such as JavaScript frameworks, CSS styling, dependency management and task automation.

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