Drupalcon Szeged, Day 2

DrupalCon Europe 2008 Recap

Day 2 started out with the Awesome Testing Party, which consisted of a room full of people in pairs learning how to write automated tests. I had hoped for at least 10-20 people there. There were 80+ (!) and together we enjoyed delicious Hungarian pancakes and chocolate. I still have yet to thoroughly review the results, but as of this moment there are 24 of the testing issues bumped, several with patches that need review, and one that even got committed during the session! :)

I didn't make it to the Doc Sprint Planning BoF, but Addi tells me that we had some new faces there, and some great ideas for tasks during the Doc Sprint on Sunday. Should be a lot of fun! :)

Later in the day was the Drupal.org Redesign Panel, where Mark Boulton and Leisa Reichelt from Mark Boulton Design discussed their strategy and initial findings for the redesign of Drupal.org. It was a fantastic presentation and I think everyone left feeling really excited about things to come. Leisa shared some findings of her initial user research, which included tidbits such as Drupal.org users compensating for the IA problems by navigating the site by typing in URLs manually, which I totally do all the time. ;)

Following that, I headed to the Google Open Source Highlights presentation by Leslie Hawthorn. Some interesting statistics were revealed about the success of the Summer of Code and GHOP programs, as well as a few success stories, several of them from right here in the Drupal community. :)

After that, Charlie Gordon, Leslie Hawthorne, Daniel Wehner and I co-presented the The DROP Program session, talking about DROP, an initiative to "bubble up" low-hanging fruit tasks in the Drupal community for new contributors to work on. There was some really awesome discussion from the audience about whether point-based karma systems are useful, and how to launch a person from a participant to more of a "mentor" role. Thanks to all who turned up!

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