An Accessibility Checklist for Your Website


Everyone on a web development team has a role to play in making websites more accessible and usable for site visitors. Designers and developers need to work together, and even project managers and stakeholders have to work to get buy-in for the organization to spend time on accessibility initiatives.

It takes a coordinated team effort, and good teamwork makes for good accessibility.

This checklist covers some of the issues that affect users of assistive technologies the most, so focusing on these first is a good way to kick off any initiative.

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Kat Shaw

Photo of Kat Shaw wearing a read polo and standing in front of greenery.
Kat is passionate about digital accessibility, and happy to continue her work as an advocate with her new colleagues at Lullabot.

Ana Barcelona

Ana Barcelona
Ana is an Associate Design Director at Lullabot whose creative vision stems from user needs, and a sensitivity toward concept, typography, color, and kinetics.