Riche Zamor

Board Member

Brooklyn, NY

Riche Zamor holds extensive experience in sales, marketing, and product and business development for Fortune 100 brands and services organizations. As a marketing leader for IBM, he was responsible for all aspects of customer and digital marketing for IBM’s AI, Cloud Platform, and Data businesses, including marketing strategy, content, data & analysis, and development of web applications to support marketing and sales efforts.  At Helm, he successfully led the enterprise business, which included the development of high-level business and product strategies and leading sales and delivery for a portfolio of data products and managed services.

Riche is currently the Founder and CEO of Grandstage, a marketplace enabling creators to sell their premium content. He lives in Brooklyn, NY – by way of DC, Alaska, and Massachusetts – where he plans to remain for as long as he enjoys overpriced lattes, great brunch, and amazing festivals.