Owen Bush

Senior Developer

Denver, CO

Owen Bush is a senior developer who has been working with Drupal since 2014, leading development teams and solving problems that involve large amounts of data.  In his past work, he helped develop a complex library website that continuously imported MARC (Machine Readable Catalogue) data into Drupal and indexed it with ElasticSearch. He also created a dynamic swear filter that caught attempts to circumvent restrictions.

As part of the Drupal community, Owen has assisted with the organization of the DrupalCamp Colorado Library Summit. He maintains (and did the initial development of) the Recurring Events and Field Inheritance modules.

Owen dabbles as a hobbyist electronic music producer. He moved to Denver, CO from the UK, partly to cheer on his favorite hockey team, the Colorado Avalanche. You’ll still find him in Denver, where he lives with his fiancée and three daughters.

Did you know?

Owen’s music mistakenly became popular online in Nigeria after a number of people confused him with a famous Nigerian rapper.