Nacho Sánchez Holgueras

Backend Developer
Madrid, Spain
Ignacio Sánchez Holgueras headshot

Nacho is a backend developer who loves finding more efficient ways to do things. He has helped streamline developer workflows with Ansible and VMware, and in one case, helped a project launch seven weeks early with a 40% reduction in development costs.

He has been part of the Drupal community since 2010 and is currently the treasurer for the AED Directory board (Spanish Drupal Association). He has also been an organizer for Drupalcamp Spain.

Before joining Lullabot, Nacho worked on a variety of Drupal and Symfony projects for clients like Red Hat, Stanford University History Education Group, Sticker Giant, and idealista. He and his team once managed a Drupal migration that included more than 1 million nodes, speeding it up from 50 hours to less than 4 hours.

As a lead on many projects, Nacho's successes include helping migrate more than 1 million nodes in a Drupal migration, speeding it up from 50 hours to less than 4 hours. He also helped convert the management of 14 obsolete servers (Varnish, Apache, Php 5.3) and modernize them to Ansible and VMware/NetApp Managed 12 developers spread out across Spain, reducing project estimation from 16 weeks to 9 weeks and reducing the building and deployment cost by 40-45%

Nacho and his wife live in Madrid with their two daughters, where he eats as much cocido madrileño, croquetas, and rice as he can.  You’ll also find him acting in local theater groups, where he has played the part of Big Julie in Guys n Dolls and danced as a chimney sweep in Mary Poppins.

Drupal Contributions:

Search API, credited on 1 issue

Indiana University Paragraphs, credited on 2 issues

Member of the AED Directory board (Spanish Drupal Association) since 2017. Current Treasurer

Organizer of Drupalcamp Spain 2017 in Madrid

Projects Worked on at Lullabot:

The George Lucas Educational Foundation (Edutopia)

Education & Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, Universidad de Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)

Scrum master certification