Kris Bulman

Senior Front-end Developer
Kris's Expertise
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Drupal
Kris Bulman

Senior Front-end Developer Kris Bulman hails from Canada’s Prince Edward Island, one of the most desirable beach towns in the world, at least for the month of July. Prior to joining Lullabot, Kris worked for the University of Prince Edward Island. He’s been developing flexible base themes and theming Drupal sites since 2007. His love for Drupal also led to contract work with a number of museums, universities and research companies around the world. Kris has done a lot of work in the open source world including being a co-maintainer of Drupal’s Zen theme, building his own Sass grid system, and he’s dabbled in iOS app design.

Lullabot has geeks of just about every stripe, but Kris is our first library nerd. He knows how to operate an Espresso Book Machine, which can print, bind, and cut store-quality books on demand from just a PDF file. He also knows how to operate industrial grade scan robots like the ones used by Google for the Google Books project that can open, turn pages, and scan a 1,500-page book in about an hour. In a former life, Kris was also a professional photographer, specializing in panoramic and 360-degree photos of interiors, and landscapes, and his artistic portraits have appeared in local art galleries on the Island.

Kris lives with his wife Jen, two young children Claire, 6, and Elliott, 4, and an active Standard Poodle named Sadie who takes him out hiking on Prince Edward Island’s scenic forest trails.


  • Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island Canada
  • 1:51AM (AST)
  • -9.0°C

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