Kayla AhoWalsh


Duluth, MN

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Kayla was drawn to the practice of accounting because math, numbers, and organization have always come naturally to her. While others dreaded them, she was always ready to dive in and tackle them. 

After graduating from college with Bachelor’s Degrees in Accounting and Finance, Kayla started working at the Human Development Center (HDC), a non-profit mental health organization. She began as an Accounts Specialist and quickly moved up to the Accountant and Accounting Supervisor roles. 

During her eight years at HDC, Kayla learned all of the ins and outs of accounting from the ground up, giving her a solid foundation for her career. Kayla has also helped her friends and family with bookkeeping needs for their small businesses and startups, including Nordic Jo’s, a small coffee shop in her hometown of Duluth, MN.

Kayla lives with her husband and two cats, loves all seasons, experiencing new things, and traveling to new places. She’s also known for her obsession with throwing elaborately decorated parties and making those around her wear silly costumes during everyday events. 

Did you know?

Kayla danced down the aisle at her wedding to Jessie’s Girl wearing a Mr. McGibblet’s costume from "The League." Her husband's name is Jesse.