Juan Olalla Olmo

Juan's Expertise
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Drupal
  • Card & Board Games
He always has a positive infective attitude. He loves the Drupal community and always tries to share everything.
Pablo López, colleague at a previous company
Juan Olalla Olmo

Juan has been programming since 2002 and has been having a blast doing it. As a boy scout, Juan learned to always work on things that “leave this world a little better than you found it.” Juan realized that open source software was one of those things when he discovered Drupal in 2010. He fell in love with the Drupal community while attending his first DrupalCamp, and since then has gotten even more involved since with the events, the community, and the code.

When Juan is not pouring his heart out into his work, he is pouring it into his family by spending quality time with his lovely wife and two children. Juan also enjoys playing soccer or having a nice Friday night with Magic the Gathering or other card & board games. Juan hails from Granada in southern Spain--a beautiful city, brimming with rich history.


  • Granada, Spain
  • 7:52AM (CET)
  • 1.0°C

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