Jordan Gonzalez

Accounting Assistant

Round Lake Beach, IL

Jordan is an accounting professional with a strong foundation in financial management. With over five years of experience, Jordan has become a master of analyzing, compiling, and reconciling financial data, including payroll processing.

Before joining the accounting world, Jordan was a certified nursing and chiropractic assistant. But, as someone who is most logical, she found her niche in research, documentation, and organization. Jordan received her VITA/TCE certification from the IRS and has become a Certified Bookkeeper through Harper College.

Prior to joining Lullabot, Jordan honed her skills at Club Colors, a full-service brand management and business solutions company. While at Club Colors, she was recognized with the Level Up Award and was selected by senior management and her peers to attend the 2023 President's Club in Cabo. Jordan is a dedicated lifetime learner and will soon graduate with honors from Harper College with an Associate Degree in Accounting.

Jordan lives in the Chicagoland area with her husband and ragdoll cat. She looks forward to the short spurts of nice weather so she can tend her flower garden while listening to audiobooks or hanging lakeside while her husband goes fishing.

Did you know?

Jordan is an avid collector of many things and has been working on an inherited vinyl record collection for the past few years. Interested in all music genres, her collection is currently at 523 records!