John Kaeser

Front-end Developer

Philadelphia, PA

John Kaeser is a front-end developer who has been providing custom Drupal solutions since 2015.

His knowledge of editorial pain points helped provide solutions for the Drupal 8 rebuild of the IAS (Institute for Advanced Study) website. Bridging together granular authoring and access tools, the suite of functionality acts as a microsite builder that is easy to use and solves for the specific needs of a diverse group of users.

Most recently, John created a React application that helped visualize federal COVID-19 relief funds given to each U.S. state and territory. All data came from a Drupal 7 back-end. He touched every part of the project, from UX to architecture to final implementation.

John lives in Philadelphia, PA. When not making websites, you’ll find him playing games, camping, drumming for a local band called Dweller, or eating ice cream.

Did you know?

John's last name most likely comes from the German word for cheese, käse.