James Bain

JavaScript Engineer

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

James Bain is a JavaScript Engineer for Tugboat and helps build the application that supports some of the biggest brands on the web. His interests and expertise intersect in a passion to help others visualize and make sense of data.

At the University of Calgary, he helped the Department of Biological Sciences design and develop a full-stack web application for visualizing complex evolutionary phenomena. At Universal Research Solutions, he developed web tools for generating and visualizing machine learning models for data scientists and analysts. And all this after getting his doctorate in Anthropology at the University of Missouri.

James is the developer and maintainer of TugboatQA, having accomplished implementing Tugboat’s re-authentication pipeline and quick search functionalities. He also taught programming and web development principles to hundreds of individuals seeking a transition into tech

James also enjoys teaching people who have little to no experience in web development. He has helped hundreds of individuals successfully transition to a tech career.

In his free time, you’ll find James reading, attempting to cook anything from scratch, or hiking in the Canadian Rockies with his partner and two puppies.

Did you know?

He brews his own kombucha and has named the SCOBYs Scully and Mulder.