Hunter MacDermut

Senior JavaScript Developer
Chapel Hill, NC

Hunter’s Expertise

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

For whatever reason, Hunter MacDermut studied HTML in English class in 6th grade. He didn’t question why at the time because it meant he got to spend a portion of every otherwise-dreaded school day in front of a computer making interesting things appear on the screen. This activity was a perfect complement to his love of board and video games; rules dictate the constraints, but within those constraints, there’s no limit on creativity.

Once he reached high school, Hunter's attention turned toward playing music. As a drummer, piano player, and, eventually, a guitarist, he found that same sense of satisfaction; guidelines dictate what notes and chords sound nice together, but infinite possible combinations exist. Hunter began giving guitar lessons after several years of playing and discovered a passion for teaching that rivaled his passion for music. When it came time to create a website for his teaching business, those latent HTML skills, and his general voraciousness for learning, propelled him into a career in front-end web development. Hunter learned the tools of the trade: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. After much tinkering, he completed his site and realized in the process that he wanted to work on websites full-time. He’s never looked back.

Following stints working on enterprise-level Python and JavaScript React projects for Caktus Group and Cox Media Group, Hunter found Lullabot. The culture of constant learning, open, ego-free communication, and distributed workplace model proved to be a perfect match. The fact that so many Lullabots are also musicians was icing on the cake.
Hunter lives in Chapel Hill, NC, with his fiancée, Shannon. Together they enjoy watching snooty art films, hiking up steep mountains, and (re)playing Final Fantasy VII.

Did you know?

Hunter saves the best for first.