Hawkeye Tenderwolf

Senior Developer

Chattanooga, TN

After completing his computer science degree at Georgia Tech, Hawkeye worked in climate research for a few years before a Drupal 6 side project reignited his passion for software development. Having spent more than 10 years as a back-end developer, Hawkeye enjoys applying those skills to improve the development experience for front-end developers. 

His recent projects have featured front-end component library integrations, where Hawkeye takes framework-agnostic front-end code and integrates it cleanly with Drupal. His article Level Up your Twiggery features an example of this in action. He also enjoys automation and tooling and focuses this expertise on creating development and deployment processes to run his projects more smoothly. His article How to Enforce Drupal Coding Standards via Git illustrates one facet of these skills. In his personal life, Hawkeye finds that open source values inform many decisions about how he lives and what he chooses to support. 

Before joining Lullabot, Hawkeye worked as a Senior Architect for Kalamuna, a Senior Developer for Mediacurrent, and an IT Business Analyst for Georgia Institute of Technology. During his time in these roles, Hawkeye completed projects for clients such as The Weather Channel, Habitat for Humanity, Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, and Fair Trade USA. Since joining Lullabot, Hawkeye has been an invaluable contributor to projects for Digital Services Georgia and Ames Laboratory.

In his downtime, Hawkeye enjoys listening to history podcasts while working in the yard of his home in Chattanooga, TN. He believes in the power of community, living with six housemates, sharing resources, and honing his hippie credentials. When his chores are done, you may find him dancing at 5Rhythms waves and participating in contact improv jams.

Did you know?

Hawkeye spent a year studying somatic therapy in London.