Haley Scarpino

Senior Event Planner living in Des Moines, IA
Heart tattoo

Haley’s Expertise

  • Logistics
  • Knitting

Haley is Lullabot's Senior Event Planner. If you pick up the phone to call Lullabot, chances are you'll talk to Haley. She coordinates our public and private workshops, handles travel and logistics as the Lullabot team journeys around the world, and heads up customer service help for the Lullabot Store. She keeps workshops running smoothly, helps organize the annual Do It With Drupal, and generally greases the wheels and hinges to keep the big Lullabot robot rolling along.

Haley lives in Des Moines, IA with her dog Nina. She's got a penchant for thoroughness and a great sense of humor.

Did you know...

Haley's birthday is February 14th.