Flash Gooden

JavaScript Developer

Atlanta, GA

Flash Gooden is a JavaScript developer with a knack for constructing and optimizing React applications for some of the largest companies in the world. Early in his career, he worked in telecommunications, helping build the infrastructure that connects us all by running cable and setting up cloud server farms. 

Since graduating from the Flatiron School, Flash has worked with organizations to help build component-based architectures. Part of this work has involved helping create a CI/CD process to reduce the risk of deployments for high-traffic pages,  implementing redesign flags to manage A/B testing properly, and refactoring codebases to improve the efficiency of future development. 

Flash has a passion for building technological representation from Black Communities, and he has worked with the Rebuild Black Businesses movement, helping build out static sites for small businesses. He has also volunteered at The Hustler’s Guild to help educate kids about various technology roles.

Flash lives in Atlanta, GA. In the margins of his life, you’ll probably find him playing Rocket League, dancing like nobody is watching (unless his smart home betrays him), or listening to audiobooks.

Did you know?

Flash enjoys Rubix cube puzzles and teaching himself to juggle.