Eduardo Telaya

Senior Developer
Lima, Peru
Eduardo Telaya

Eduardo’s Expertise

  • Drupal
  • React
  • PHP
  • Firebase
  • Mongo
  • Flutter

Eduardo is a hackathon enthusiast who has worked as a senior developer and technical lead on high-visibility Drupal projects for organizations, including the NCAA, World Bank, and World Fuel Services. Before joining Lullabot full time, Eduardo was an integral member of the Lullabot team that launched Drupal 8 projects for Bravo, Oxygen, and Universal Kids. His career has also included launching DevsTec, a Lima-based Drupal company, and working on Drupal projects for Myplanet, Phase2, and Anexus.

Eduardo's expertise as a technical lead enables him to recommend feasible technical approaches to deliver complex migration projects on time. Eduardo also excels at managing the execution details to see a project through to completion, providing clear visibility into progress through effectively segmented tickets, detailed Gantt charts, and consistent communication.

Eduardo’s love of development has also inspired him to give back by serving as a professor at the Autonomous University of Peru, organizing hackathons and mentoring participants as the AngelHack Ambassador, speaking at international conferences, and contributing to Drupal innovation. His topics range from becoming a proactive developer to working remotely while focusing on empowering people to improve their careers and lives through small, actionable steps—similar to his approach to tricky development projects.

Drupal Contributions:

Projects Worked on at Lullabot:

  • Bravo
  • Oxygen
  • Universal Kids
  • Georgia Public Broadcasting
  • Carnegie Mellon University

Key Accomplishments:

At Lullabot:

  • Working on projects for Bravo and Oxygen, Eduardo migrated all feeds logic from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. 
  • On the Universal Kids project, Eduardo worked on MEDIA MPX, syncing media from MPX into Drupal.
  • For Georgia Public Broadcasting, he collaborated on an initiative to import data from the PBS Media manager API into Drupal and making sure it stayed in sync.
  • On a Carnegie Mellon University project, Eduardo led the migration from Cascade CMS to Drupal 8.

Outside Lullabot:

  • Developed the Bomba App, a “life-saving” mobile application that allows firefighters to more immediately locate emergencies via the popular traffic app Waze, which took first place at AngelHack’s Hackcelerator 2017
  • Helped to create Code Heroes, a gaming app that teaches kids how to code.
  • Contributor to #UnaSolaFuerza, a project that creates awareness of areas affected by floods in Peru through citizen-generated reports.

Did you know?

Eduardo loves ceviche and drinks orange juice every morning no matter where in the world he is.