Claire Ristow

Front-end Developer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Claire Ristow is a front-end developer with a passion for creating websites. Throughout her career, Claire has built and maintained many different websites, including those for luxury hotels and resorts, government organizations, local businesses, and e-commerce stores. During her time at VERB Interactive, Claire worked with a small team of Drupal developers on tourism websites. She is also an experienced solo developer, having been the only developer on major Drupal site rebuilds for government and e-commerce websites.

Claire's journey began on a marketing route, earning a degree in Business and Communications from the University of Waterloo, but quickly discovered her passion for building websites during a 9-week coding boot camp in Toronto. After developing sites using different platforms, including WordPress and Shopify, she fell in love with the power and customization that Drupal provides. With her attention to detail and love for CSS, she is intent on delivering pixel-perfect work for every project she tackles.

When she's not working, Claire loves baking sourdough bread, curling at her local curling club, camping, and playing board games.

Did you know?

Claire was the regional champion in doubles badminton in high school and despite losing terribly in the provincial competition, she still brags about that fact today.