Christian López Espínola

Back-end Developer

Seville, Spain

Christian is a back-end developer and a frequent contributor to Drupal core. During the Drupal 8 development cycle, he helped make Drupal one of the best platforms for internationalized sites and contributed to the migration framework still used today. He also helped start the initiative to introduce administrative dashboards into Drupal core.

Christian spent seven years at Lingotek developing and supporting localization integrations for Drupal, WordPress, and marketing platforms like Marketo. His expertise ranges from architecture, proofs of concept, maintenance, and automation for high-availability web platforms.

At Lullabot, Christian, among other things, has played a critical role in automating one-click deployments for the State of Iowa’s 40+ websites or automatic content audits with GitHub Actions. Editors across the state use the interface he developed to create dynamic content listings.

Christian speaks five languages, enjoys Lindy Hop dancing, and is part-owner of one of the oldest bars in Seville, Spain, the city he calls home.

Did you know?

Christian has made an appearance in a couple of TV shows and films.