Carwin Young

Senior Front-end Developer
Carwin's Expertise
  • CSS
  • Sass
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Docker
  • Behat
Carwin Young

Carwin Young joined the Lullabot team in 2012 after many long years of disciplined self learning in the realm of web development and computery-things. As a young teenager, Carwin became deeply enthralled with the fast-paced lifestyle of internet forums, videogaming, and a lifestyle which ultimately transitioned into a career of coding and development.

Carwin has contributed to the development of several notable sites including BravoTV, MSNBC, and The GRAMMYs. In early 2015, he and co-author Joe Fender published the book 'Front End Fundamentals,' which is, as its subtitle states, a practical guide to front-end web development.

Outside of work, Carwin continues to write code just because he likes it. His most recent infatuation is the Ruby language, although he has also been tinkering with Angular.js, Coffeescript, microcontrollers and whatever else strikes his fancy. Carwin likes generally nerdy stuff like Arch Linux, Oxford commas, and Vim, but he also has a life outside of his computer screen, wherein he occupies space in southwestern Missouri and upholds the titles of husband, father, homeowner, and all-around outstanding American citizen.


  • Nixa, MO
  • 7:20PM (CST)
  • 7.0°C

Did you know...

Carwin has read the complete works of Hermann Hesse.

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