Alycia Jones

Senior UI Designer

Sacramento, CA

Alycia is a designer with a strong background in visual design and creative arts. She graduated from California State University, Chico, where she was awarded the title of Most Outstanding Graphic Design Student and began her career working in print and branding. It wasn't long before she pivoted her focus to UX/UI, where she found a greater sense of satisfaction and collaboration in her work. 

Alycia loves the complexity of responsive design, learning about front-end development, and seeing static designs come to life. Before joining Lullabot, she spent six years as a senior designer at a marketing agency, where she worked directly with clients to develop the user experience and visual design of their websites. She also led several print, illustration, and branding projects from concept to completion. Alycia has helped many businesses clarify their message and generate leads by designing solutions that are visually appealing to their target audience and accessible for all to enjoy. 

When she's not designing, Alycia enjoys getting outdoors, traveling, creating art, thrifting, and tackling new DIY projects around her home.